Wednesday, February 12, 2014


My story "How It Ends" originally featured at Jeanette Cheezum's Cavalcade of Stars is up now at

You can check out the original link:


And if you can, please take the time to go through all the stories at Cavalcade - in a short period of time, it has become the go-to place for new and exciting literary voices.

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Erin Cole said...

That was a really great write, Kevin. I especially liked the downward spiral tone, the helplessness of the situation, which you built up good in the beginning by showing how much the MC tried to make his girlfriend happy, that worked well.

Then, the switch at the end, from one girl being many, with the a list of names, was perfectly done, as well as the end. You didn't drown the story with a suicide, but at the same time, the swimming out into the ocean shows that something in him is dying or needs to. Excellent.