Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Breaking The Silence

A horrific read.

There are so many things about this story that are terrible and tragic (but all too familiar) - the first of which is the title of the article alluding to some kind of "love story". Jon Koppenhaver's brutal assault tops the list....close behind are those of the neighbors who wouldn't let Christy Mack inside their house as she begged for help (at least they were thoughtful enough to let her hide outside behind a wall while they called the police).  And typically, the victim-blaming that follows.

Much respect to Bellator President Scott Coker ("It was very clear to me that there is no space in our league for somebody like that," Coker said).

And total admiration for Christy Mack -  for telling her story, purposely allowing herself to be named, and publishing graphic photos and a brutal description of the incident.  For some, nothing brings home visceral violence of DV like the images she posted.  Total admiration for refusing to be a victim.  For joining forces with Break The Silence and turning what happened to her into some good for the cause of domestic violence awareness. 

DV and sexual violence can never be tolerated.

You can read the full story here