Monday, January 9, 2012

Death By Killing

Absolutely Kate Pilarcik - writer, editor, publisher, and promoter extraordinaire (in no particular order of skills) has listed my story Who's Got The Action as one of her Top 5 picks over at Death By Killing.  Death By Killing is Chris Rhatigan's site for reviews of short fiction - you can always find some quality stories as well as a few surprises there on a regular basis.  You can check out the link to Kate's list here, and find links to some of Chris' stories as well.

Get over there and check it out!



Well howzabout that?

Rat-a-tat RatPack!

It's KEVIN MICHAELS knowin' all the right angles and how to play 'em. (And thanks for the nice nouns and adjectives you plunked my way, AuthorMan)

~ Absolutely*Kate
AT THE BIJOU and beyond

Kevin Michaels said...

Right back at you!