Friday, December 2, 2011

More Updates About Pushcart Prizes (and Literary Whatnot)

For the second time in less than two weeks I’m honored, flattered, and humbled by a Pushcart prize nomination….
I’ve just been notified by Kate Pilarcik (publisher of "At the Bijou"), that my short story WHO’S GOT THE ACTION has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in literature (You can read it here).
What makes this one special and fun is that some of my fellow nominees are not only friends, but writers whose work I greatly admire like Joseph Grant, Anthony Venutolo,  Eric Beetner, and Sean Patrick Reardon.  It’s great to share the stage with them.

Some times you just run out of words…..I’m truly honored and flattered.


Linda said...

Hey, you deserve it Kevin! You have been putting out consistently tight stories this year, and the rewards come back to 'haunt' you! Congrats! Peace...

Erin Cole said...

Congrats! You are in good company.


I can't even find the word/words for *congrats* around you anymore, author man.

I simply (thus strongly) just smile.

See you annually at the Algonquin Club, sir. ~ Absolutely*Kate, heralding wordworthies and good*guys (World always needs more of both)

SMILNG yet the more to see the teeming talents of the fab femmes Ms Linda and Enigmatic Erin saluting what you all deserve > growing readership acclaim