Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Noir Update

An update on Noirember AT THE BIJOU (as rechristened by Harry Sanderford).

Some excellent stories so far this month, including today's feature from Joe Grant.  Joe is a long time friend and as part of the AT THE BIJOU feature I got the opportunity to take a minute of his time and ask him some questions about writing, writing, and dead Russian writers.

Check it out here

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And interview away MadDog Michaels, stunning star of the kickoff of NOIR, most memorably did.

Here's the link folks - See some wordworthy heroes jawin' up a storm. Oh - Both Joe Grant's and Kevin Michael's telling tales kick ass past swell as well.

Links for ALL "NOVEMBER goes NOIR ~ AT THE BIJOU" tales, so successfully far, are inclusive in each author's story carrying on the spotlight of the others.

~ Absolutely*Kate, absolutely diggin' MadDog as an MC! ... Go - You'll see!