About Kevin Michaels

Author of the novel: LOST EXIT (available at Amazon for Kindle and as a paperback), I am also one of the writers on the Fight Card series of books.  My novels: FIGHT CARD: HARD ROAD and FIGHT CARD: CAN'T MISS CONTENDER are both available under the Jack Tunney pseudonym as ebooks and paperbacks under the Kevin Michaels name.  My latest book  - NINE IN THE MORNING is a collection of short stories that was released in Spring 2014.

My short stories and flash fiction have appeared in a number of magazines and indie zines, including The Literary Review, Word Riot, Cavalcade of Stars, At The Bijou, Dogzplot, The Foundling Review,  A Twist of Noir, and Tuesday Shorts among many others. Other short stories have been included in the anthologies for Six Sentences (volumes II and III). I also show up periodically on my blog: SLIDING DOWN THE RAZOR'S EDGE to offer my opinions and POV on topics not too earth-shattering in size, scope, or detail.

I have also published a number of non-fiction articles and stories in print publications ranging from the NYTimes.com and the Life/Style section of The Boston Globe to The Bergen News and Press Journal.

COMING SOON: Upcoming books: STILL BLACK REMAINS and A STEADY RAIN, and more short stories - check back for details and publication dates.

I'm a writer and surfer who lives at the Jersey Shore.


Writing, freelance assignments, editing, screenwriting, and solving world problems without waiting to be asked.