Nine In The Morning

-A bank robbery goes bad in ways nobody expects
-Revenge, honor, and family obligations explode in a 24 hour liquor store
-A tale about an unlikely friendship between two inmates

These are some of the stories in this collection of short fiction in NINE IN THE MORNING. Each is a spare, tense, and vivid glimpse into the desperation and despair of urban America's dark landscape. Filled with thugs, families on the edge, gangsters, addicts, dealers, and dreamers, NINE IN THE MORNING offers powerful snapshots of characters struggling past the bleakness of their lives. Each has been hardened as they struggle and survive from day to day....trying to escape, no matter what the cost. Looking for better lives and holding on to hope, wherever they can find it.

Intense, edgy, and explosive, NINE IN THE MORNING is an engaging collection of stories filled with razor-sharp dialogue, intense storytelling, and powerful language.

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